The Company guarantees to the Buyer that the goods will be free from defects caused by faulty materials or poor workmanship for a reasonable period of time based on the product's value and intended purpose (i.e, generally no longer than 12 months from the date of purchase for domestic use, unless it is reasonably expected to be a longer period of time) and for a period no longer than 90 calendar days from the date of purchase for commercial use unless otherwise stated in the listing or advertisement at the time of purchase. This warranty does not cover minor accessories or attachments or consumable parts, including but not limited to, chainsaw chains, pull starts, cutting blades or discs, instrument strings, product bags and cases, and carry straps etc. Examination by The Company of such goods (or photos of the faulty goods if requested) shall disclose to its satisfaction that such defects exist and have not been caused by misuse, neglect, accident, improper storage, installation or handling, other incorrect or lack of proper maintenance, opening cartons with blades, or by repair or alteration not affected by the company. Further item specific failures for products such as fuel powered products, trampolines, outdoor structures (gazebos, tents, and umbrellas), bedding, and pool covers are detailed later in this document.


  • Damage due to user misuse or use in a manner contrary to the operating instructions

  • Damage resulting from the item being used in a manner other than originally intended as advertised

  • Improper or neglected maintenance including oiling and cleaning where required

  • Improper storage or neglect to properly prepare the item for storage

  • Incorrect fuel or oil use, including 2-stroke fuel mixture where applicable

  • The user’s inability to properly use the item, including starting or tuning of engines

  • Storm or wind damage to items which have not been correctly installed or adequately secured

  • Failure due to improper user installation or assembly

  • Damage cause when assembling, tuning, or adjusting the product

  • Cuts and scratches etc such as those caused by opening packaging with blades or knives

  • Items sold as ex-demo, or used unless otherwise stated in the advertisement at time of sale


  • Carry and storage bags and straps supplied as an accessory to the main product

  • Chainsaw bars and chains

  • Cutting wheels and discs

  • Instrument strings and minor accessories

  • Free gift or bonus items supplied with the main product


  • Warranty claims must be made within a reasonable period of time of the defect being discovered

  • The product must not be used after any problem or defect is detected, failing which, all guarantees and warranties applicable to that product or part will be rendered void.

  • Warranty claims are limited to the original warranty period from the date of purchase

  • All warranties only apply to the original purchaser, and are not transferable

  • The Company may require pictures of, or return of the faulty/damaged item(s) or parts

  • Re-delivery of the repaired item or replacement parts will be at the cost of The Company where the warranty claim is found to be a legitimate claim under the terms of this warranty

  • The Australian Consumer Law provides certain guarantees to consumers when they purchase goods and these guarantees cannot be excluded, restricted or modified. These consumer guarantees are different to, and separate from, this warranty, which is given voluntarily by the Warrantor. The time limit of consumer guarantees varies depending on the price and quality of the goods and may extend beyond this warranty or any applicable warranty provided by the manufacturer of the goods.

  • On occasion The Company may supply a full or partial refund as compensation for item damage, failure, or restricted function, subject to this being permitted under Australian Consumer Law, and agreed to between The Company and the Purchaser.

  • Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement this warranty does not apply to items sold as ex-demo, or used.


This provision is an extension of the regular warranty condition for ‘Product Failure’ as described above and covers items damaged in transit, missing parts, partial delivery, or items having existing defects on delivery.

  • Claims under this provision will only be accepted within reasonable period of time from the date of delivery (usually 7 calendar days)

  • The buyer must inform The Company by email or in writing within the reasonable period after delivery of the item being received in a damaged on arrival state.

  • Cuts and scratches to the product caused by opening cartons with blades etc are not covered under warranty

  • Unless otherwise stated in the advertisement this clause does not apply to items sold as ex-demo, or used


  • When required by The Company, goods may need to be returned to The Company to effect the warranty.

  • No refunds or replacements will be issued prior to the returned goods or parts being received by The Company

  • Goods must be returned using the freight method agreed to by The Company and the Customer which will be determined according to the product and product location

  • Items must be disassembled and packed to their original delivery state and returned in the same size packaging to qualify for return freight cost refunds

  • Return freight costs will not apply to goods found to in working order or where the fault is other than originally described by the customer in the course of making the original warranty claim

  • Items must be authorised for return by The Company prior to the goods being returned. The Company will issue the customer a ‘Return Authority’ number (RA) which must be included with the returned item

  • All returned goods must arrive back with The Company no later than 14 days from the date the RA was issued

  • In cases where the goods or parts must be returned to The Company for assessment and these goods or parts can be easily returned, Purchaser is to arrange return of goods using The Company’s approved freight delivery method at the purchaser’s expense and The company will reimburse the Purchaser reasonable return postage costs if the Company confirms that the product or part returned is faulty.

  • If no fault is found, or products or parts exhibit signs of physical damage, or neglect, the Purchaser will be responsible for reimbursing The Company the shipping costs to and from the Purchaser, and inspections costs equating to $60.00 per hour, on a pro rata basis, relating to the time spent inspecting and checking the product or part returned.

  • If a product is too large or too heavy and the Purchaser did not pick up the product from the Company’s premises, The Company will arrange for it to be returned to the Company at its expense, for inspection, within a reasonable period of time after being informed that a fault exists. Should no fault be found with the returned item or part, the Purchaser will be required to reimburse the company all shipping costs to and from the Purchaser, and inspections costs equating to $60.00 per hour, on a pro rata basis, relating to the time spent inspecting and checking the product or part returned.

  • The Company may require up to 14 days after receiving the returned item to assess and/or repair the problem prior to initiating any return or refund