Are you looking for a low impact workout? Home Gym Zone has a wide selection of elliptical trainers (also called cross trainers) that will help you reach your exercise goals. While Elliptical trainers aren't as efficient as treadmills, rowing machines or exercise bike at burning calories. They are very effective because of the low impact workout the provide. So if you have a bad back, or issues with your knees or ankles you can still get an effective workout without the pain that comes with it. You also get a full body workout because both your arms and legs are in motion. Elliptical trainers will help you lose that excess weight and burn more fat. You will also see the benefits of improved fitness and cardiovascular health which lowers your blood pressure and reduces your stress levels. All of our elliptical trainers are of the highest quality yet affordable. If you want a low impact workout then an elliptical trainer would be perfect for your home gym.